Starting the Building of the Blog

Yesterday I did my regular weekend bike ride in Austin, TX. Went out at 7am on a beautiful (even though cloudy) morning, nice and cool breeze blowing and a mild temperature. Thankfully, the summer is NOT here yet…By the time I came back home it was almost 10 a.m. so as you can tell I had a nice bike ride. The roads are very pretty this time of the year as there are plenty of wild flowers along the side of the highways. I rode my 29-inch bike – it a good workout as I am going on the Austin highways and pushing along with a pretty heavy (mountain) bike – but hey, I am all for the exercise!

So I am starting the blog with the main initial objective to accumulate as fast as possible a nice set of resources for bike riders like me.  Starting with Bike Review videos and Bike Trails/Courses listings.  Added my first map as well – for a place I used to live in (and bike) – Phoenix metro area, in Arizona — South Mountain Park

So, wish me luck and stop by soon — I will have plenty of material for you to use and leverage.   Happy riding!




Hello Biking World…! Another Biking Enthusiast Entering the Blog World….!

Biking is FUN!  Indeed — it is fun for multiple reasons… It gets you places, and yes, it does so much faster than walking…it provides an exercise, a vehicle for finding like minded individuals…and on, and on, and on…

Exercise is important.   I used to bike a lot — when we lived on the Eat coast, we traveled to many parks to bike on various trails, even went camping with the bikes and whatever we can fit in 4 paniers (on our two bikes).   Several years later, I decided it is time to get back in the saddle 🙂 and went out and bought another bike – a 2011 Specialized Rockhopper

In the last 5 weeks now, I havde been on a major push to lose weight which by the way DOES NOT involve dieting but the following:

  • 4 -to – 5 times per week at least 20min exercise / usually more like 35-40 minutes as my schedule allows.  The exercise itself includes elyptical trainer and/or biking on the road
  • I monitor what I eat — but the care is on quantities not the types of food.  I.e. I make sure I am not eating huge portions
  • Make sure I do not eat late in the evening — I used to eat around 9pm — very bad idea!
  • Make sure I have breakfast — even if just a small bowl of cereal

As a result of all this I have dropped (as of this morning) 12 pounds!  And will continue to do so.   So biking is both FUN and helpful.  Lets get in shape!