One of the Tough Competitions in Texas is Happening This Weekend….

There are plenty of exciting events in Austin and surrounding areas and throughout Texas this weekends.   One of these events is the Texas Water Safari.  Good friend of mine has been participating for several years now, so I thought to give him some visibility via this blog and audieance.



The map above will allow us to track his progress and also give you a view of how tough the competition is…!

More Options for Storing Your Bicycles – This Time Using a Commercial Option

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a posting about building your own free standing bicycle storage rack.  In that case it was a rack I designed and built myself several years ago during the time I had my first moutain bike — yes, a Giant Iguana… It was a very good bike…!

Now I need to show you another option for storing your bikes in the garage — this time using a folding single bike folding rack.  I used the ones made by Racor

They are certainly easy to install. The only thing you have to keep in mind, if you plan to install racks for two bikes one below the other, is to properly size the space between the two racks and bikes. Plus make sure that you factor in the sway factor — as the bikes will inevitably cause the arms of the rack to bend a bit and cause the bikes to hang lower than you thought.

Two individual Racor Folding Racks

Top Bike

Bottom bike


From Racor...





 And a link to the manufacturer

As you can tell installing these racks is not a big deal — all you need is a screw driver and about 30 minutes of your time…– so go ahead and do it. It will help you get the bikes out of the traffic areas in your garage and that helps!