Adding Bicycle Events and More How-To Articles

Bicycle Events Worth Considering

Events – is another significant aspect of this blog.  Two weekends ago we went to check out the winter version of the Walnut Creek Municipal Park biking trails (located in Austin). When we got there (late Saturday afternoon), we saw that the Trek company together with the Bicycle Sport Shop of Austin had organized a demo event.  The bad news was that we were late!  Sorry, no test rides for us…!

With that in mind I decided that it will be good to start listing on this blog some of the events I find of interest to the amateur riders…So I started it today — the link is accessible via the Blog Menu – please click on Events, or just follow this link to the events page

Another topic I wanted to highlight in today's post is that of "noisy brakes" — that is what my bike has developed so I have been searching for answers sa a do it yourself approach.  While searching for that I came across — in my email mind you — a video article from the Fezzari Newsletter – on how to adjust your disk brakes.  Doing that regularly will also prevent your disk brakes rubbing into to the rotors – thus reducing the likelyhood of getting squeaky brakes.   


Bike Lights – The Beginners Guide to (Any) Biking

Bicycle Ligts – Summary Guide 

Bicycle lights are extremely important part of your overall gear for biking.  I cannot stress enough their importance – that being not only in the evenings / at dark, but also in foggy, rainy, and any otherwise reduced visibility weather.  With the advent of the LED, bicycle lights have become both a lot more practical, as well as more efficient to maintain.

So, now lets take a look at some of the better choices for us bicycle enthusiasts:

Bike Lane Safety Light

 This is a bright tail light for riding at night; In this light though you get a second (and mind you) a useful second feature — the ability to project on the road surface a bike lane – by projecting from a couple of LEDs mounted at 90-degrees to the main red light and projecting a continuous strobe on the ground – thus forming a bike lane around you.  This LED light could be set for steady state or blinking / changing light configuration;

This by the way is what is also being considered by the average biking enthusiast –  another rear bicycle light:


We will continue to examing various biking accessories and provide our input on the level of goodness in those;  In the mean time – please check these two…