Lexus F Sport Roadbike

What is a Lexus F Sport Roadbike?

Well folks, the ability to produce great cars is certainly not a bad background when it comes to designing an advanced roadbike…Enters Lexus' LFA Works — the same elite manufacturing site that designed and build the Lexus LFA (only 500 of which were manufactured and I think sold for $375K each).  The Lexus LFA was built with heavy use of carbon fibers — so now we have the F Sport bicycle which is also benefiting from that expertise to achieve some pretty amazing specs.

Lexus F Sport Road Bicycle from Another image of F Sport Roadbike

The bike, which will be available only in Japan and in very limited quantities (only 100 units will be made) weighs 15lbs and uses electronically controller derailleur.  Even the crank of the bike — made by Shimano of course — was made by carbon fibres.  The wheel rims are also made of an advanced material – a composite material from aluminum and carbon fibres.   As you can tell everything in the bike is targeted for optimal weight 

The next advanced feature in the $10K (reportedly) bike is the electronic shifters – Shimano’s Di2 9070 electronic shifting system   which is still a human controlled shifting mode – just a very precise one.  The cyclist gets to select when to press a button on the shifters and that in turn provides a command via a single wire to the derailleur which in turn executes the up or down shift 

The electronic shifting is already available on multiple Specilialized bikes as well – the S-Works Tarmac SL4 Di2 is one example, albeit at $12K price tag – I am staying away wink There are some other options: The S-Works Roubaix SL4 Expert Ui2 has the Shimano Ultegra Di2 system which is lower cost and the bike overall is much more affordable at $5K list price.

 At any rate, now you have it — following in the footsteps of BMW, Mercedez, Lexus now also has a conversation starter in the Japan dealerships – by offering its own road bike.