Carbon Frame Mountain Bike Under $1000 – Continued

Carbon frame mountain bike is one that carries a heavy price tag usually.  This is a continuation of the article about a newly discovered (at least for me) sub-$1000 carbon fiber frame mountain bike – the brand being BEIOU from a Chinese manufacturer. Part-I of the posting was here – and not I wanted to summarize some additional info about the bike – which it turns out is actually a set of bikes with different component complement but similar carbon frame.

The BEIOU bikes come in several different tiers – per the company:

  • Entry level: with Suntour fork, 80mm travel, and Shimano Deore 596 brake kit

Carbon frame mountain bike - Beiou bike

  • Athletic level: with upgraded front fork – Rockshox REBA 100mm travel with remote control; and Shimano Deore XT brake set and drivetrain;

Carbon frame mountain bike - Beiou Rockshox REBA Carbon frame mountain bike - Upgraded Beiou

Furthermore, the tires are KENDA, the hubs – Novatec, and finally, need to point out that some of the bikes actually may come outfitted with MOZO air forks;

Overall, this is a good value bike with different configurations you can find at all the way up to $2599 — the link to this configuration is shown below:

Carbon Frame Mountain Bike Under $1000

Well folks, I was surprised to see something I did not expect – a mountain bike with a carbon frame for under $1000! As you probably expected, the company bringing you this deal is no other than AMAZON.COM   — I guess enough said?  No, not really as the bike is actually coming in pretty well equipped.  This does not appear to be a cheap knock-off….

When I noticed it on I decided to do some comparisons and see what else is in that price range.   It looks like if you wanted a 29-inch mountain bike then Diamondback bike with mechanical disk brakes 🙁 is the option or you will have to consider a Specialized Rockhopper Comp 29 but with Tektro brakes (I have used them 2 bikes ago – they were very noisy) or the better outfitted Trek X-Caliber 7 but still in both cases you will be in a heavier aluminum frame and somewhat lower components.

Here is a link to the bike on
 this is for a 19-inch frame (there are also 17-inch available)

Zhe jiang Beiou

I researched the company that manufactures the bike and it turns out it is a Chinese OEM based in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province.  I have visited the place many times since 1988, but have not found the bike factory, so given the type of products they have designed and are marketing now globally, I should make an effort to visit them – will plan for my next trip

Finally, back to the bike – I will add its detailed description as I research this further but in the meantime, here is the summary from Amazon:

Carbon Fiber MTB, with Speed 27/Hydraulic Braking/Pneumatic Front Fork/Whole Bike Weight of 10.75KG, is a symbol of BEIOU lightweight bike series

It reads well and multiple reviews on point to so far happy customers.  Will check it out further and report.

Flat Pedals – Another Way to Get Extra Power

I have always believed in flat pedals as a preferable ‘propulsion mechanism’ when compared to the clip shoes and pedals. I have been sold to by many bike store professionals about the great value and benefits offered by the clip based pedals for mountain bikes, but for some reason – just personal preference I would say – I have always stayed with the platform pedals.  Now I have been vindicated – more and more trainers and store assistants offer the platform pedals for mountain bikes as the preferred approach.

Why do I like the flat pedals:

  • They offer the ability for you to jump off the bike easily if you see yourself and the bike falling
  • the big surface of the pedals allow you to exert significant power and propel the bike well
  • the large surface they offer also provide for good stability when you ride upright for additional power as you climb hills
  • overall they offer a lot more stability on the bike and make you feel more in control

Assuming you like the pedals (as I do) here is a list of pedals you can consider for your mountain bike:

  • Spank Spike Platform Pedals: these pedals are about 420gr. weight, thikness of 12mm, 20-adjustable pins for traction; made of cold forged alloy – which has proven to be the best approach for rigid / stiff body while still being molded in a thin size for best fit on the bike – i.e. not to be in the way.  (The Oozy Trail is another option from Spank – costlier but lower weight)


  • Shimano PD-MX80 Saint Pedals:  These pedals are very comfortable, offer VERY strong grip to your shoes – still no clips mind you! — and a big platform, hence lots of ability to push for power.  Their key differentiation: Concave platform shape for long ride comfort and pedaling efficiency;  These pedals come also with washers to allow you to adjust the pins for the right fit to your shoes.


  •  xpedo Spry pedal: I like this pedal for it is probably the lightest at 260 gram weight and 11mm thickness and of course a very low price.  The manufacturer has used softer material – magnesium – and that contributes to more scratches and dents on the trail.  But overall a good set for your mountain bike.
  • DMR Vault Pedals:  has a platform shape that is concave for better fit with the shoe sole – and makes this pedal well liked even if it is larger overall and heavier; 

SmartHat Concept Helmet

It is the season for gift giving – with Christmas approaching – we all look for the special gift for the special people in our lives.   As all of you know the Web has become the proverbial shopping mall for many of us – we search through it, browse as we think of ideas for presents and in the process often come across the unexpected.

Late last week I came across the unexpected as well – the Smart-Hat – Helmet for the Responsible Cyclists.  The notion is being developed by a startup focused on adding tons of sensor and information gathering and displaying technology to the ordinary bicycle helmet.  Take a look – images courtesy of the Smart-Hat web site (

Smart-Hat  Smat-Hat-Detail

Here is the list of features offered in the Innovative (Too much innovation in my opinion):

  • multi layer helmet construction with impact absorbing features
    and facial protection from ground impact

  • in helmet bluetooth display with speaker, full satnav, speedometer, speed zones, temperature, heart rate, tilt sensor, ultrasonic object proximity warning, turn signal indicators, system icons, time

  • remote control turn indicators

  • automatic brake lights

  • automatic head light and night lights

  • a retractable visor system with rear view mirrors

  • a remote control, motorised wiper system for bad weather

  • integrated digital camera

  • smart phone storage

  • e-tag storage

  • batteries

  • bluetooth remote control switch mounted on bike handlebar

  • provision for an ID sign

  • customisable outer skin to any colour or graphics

  • provision for an in helmet cooling fan

  • superior comfort and safety in operation

At any rate, I hope we can get the current limited number of sensors integrated into a useful display on the bike – or on a smart phone securely attached to the bike – see my articles / postings about the phone-caddy.  That will be a good step forward.  This helmet (in my opinion) can wait…

Bicycles and Trains – Progress

Fellow bicycle riders, progress continues… I am headed to Maryland and as a result wanted to check out the Maryland public transportation.  So I checked out the local trains and in the process came across a brand new press release — turns out the MARC Train service started to offer a special train car — allowing passenger to bring bicycles into the special train car.  Up to 16 bicycles can be loaded and later on the car can be expanded to accommodate up to 26 bikes.

Bicycles on a Train

This is a great move forward for our ability to have flexible transportation.  Just think you jump on the train, and next you are arriving in Boston, you jump on your bike and pedal off to your local destination.

California, of course, is well ahead of the East coast in this endeavor — the Southern California Metrolink has had similar facilities on its train cars for a couple of years.  And its capabilities are extended across a 512-mile network of the train service.

Here is a link to the press release from MARC


LifeBEAM Smart Helmet – Safety and Use

Bike helmets are really essential.  I have written about that in the last year, after I took a big spill on my bike right outside of my house and truly cracked the helmet I was wearing.  Now I have come across the next best thing — the LifeBEAM helmet which offers a great combination of safety and sensor technologies and integrates with the smart phone applications I (and many other cyclists) use on a regular basis.

LifeBEAM helmet     LifeBEAM helmet

The helmet offers heart-rate and calories measurements.  The product (per the manufacturer) claims to be the first of its kind that integrates body sensing during your bike rides.   And guess what !  The claim is that the technology used is the same one used for pilots and aerospace applications.  Pretty cool, right !

LifeBeam Helmet

The helmet includes Bluetooth Low-Energy and ANT+ communications capabilities and the battery life it supports is up to 17 hours.  The helmet interfaces to multiple smart phone applications including Runtastic, Strava.   I had reviewed many of these applications in previous postings – links here.

So overall pretty neat set of capabilities.  I am thinking of giving it a shot some time soon.

Bike Innovation from China

China Baidu smart bike  China is increasing its push towards innovation — and that is not a surprise. In order to ensure continuous healthy growth of its economy, the country’s businesses are embarking on increasing number of R&D projects.  The latest one I have come across is actually relevant to this blog and my hobby — bicycles and mountain biking.

Baidu (China’s answer to Google) is promoting a new smart bike it plans to release soon.  The bike is not motorized (although there are tons of electric bikes in China – and they are really dangerous as they approach pedestrians very silently and lethally) but includes a regenerative technology to support the many sensors and electronics capabilities it offers

Baidu China Bike China Baidu Smart Bike

The bike offers integrated features like:

  • Health guide – based on analytics of combining heart rate, step rate etc sensors and providing feedback to the rider
  • Navigation – integrated in the bike handlebars including lights
  • Loss prevention – integrated GPS locator card allows you to locate your bike even when you forget where you left it

So, what’s next?  Well, I expect some (at least ) of the US designers and manufacturers to jump into the game and offer innovation along the lines of what Baidu is conceptualizing — and design future smart bikes