How to Clean Your Bike After a Ride in the Mud

mountain bike trail

How to Clean Your Bike

Well folks Spring is here and the trails could be muddy – even in the relatively dry climate where I live.  Last Saturday I went out on my morning bike ride with something that looked like mist… By the time I had done 30-minutes into my ride, water was dripping consistently from my helmet and my riding clothes were wet.   Surprise, so were the trails.  Mud was going everywhere on my bike…

So what do you do once the ride is over and you are back at your place?Mountain Bike after muddy trail

The answer – several things:

  1. Rinse the whole bike — this will help to get mud and gunk from the road off your bike and away from potentially damaging the finish on your bike.  Rinse it with your hose on a relatively gentle setting so you do not drive dirt into the various bearings and joints on the bike Trail mud
  2. Then get a soapy sponge or rag and wipe down the various moving components and chain.  Rinse well and dry with another rag.  Apply lubricant on the chain, rear and front derailleur
  3. Check the disk brakes or pads for dirt and grit that may have embedded itself in the components and surfaces.
  4. Use a brushes set (example shown below) to scrub moving parts and ensure dirt has been removed from the moving components as if that dirt stays there as you ride it will act as a sandpaper….potentially damage the components.trail mud
  5. Once you have washed the bike, you need to apply lubricant on the moving parts – cassette, derailleurs, chain…




you are now ready for the next bike ride…Enjoy!

Tigra Sports BikeConsole – Follow up on Reviews

Tigra Sports BikeConsole In the Rain

Rainy DayEarlier this morning I had to go meet a friend at a local coffee shop – as usual I bike to the place.  Why?  It gives me a chance to exercise – round trip on the bike is 10-miles.  The weather though was not exactly cooperative – when I rolled my bike outside of the garage it was misty, foggy and not quite pleasant.  However, I decided that I need the exercise and after all my phone was in a weather proof case!

So off I went.  By the time I reached the coffee shop (about 5-miles later) I was wet and cold and so was the bike and phone console.  And the story repeated itself on the way back.   But the phone was fine… Here are a couple of links to earlier reviews of the phone case I am referring to – check them out

And the phone itself in the case after the ride…

Tigra Sports BikeConsole

Here is a link to a very extensive review of the phone case on Tech Reviewer.  Enjoy!