A Place to Enjoy Great Bicycling — in Bulgaria — Sinemorets (Синеморец)

Синеморец (Sinemorets – in English)

Well folks I have a whole bunch of videos (courtesy of various people posting on YouTube.com) for biking locations around the US.  Those are great, but I wanted now to get you introduced to some places around the globe.  After all, there are plenty of locales that can be excellent places to go either mountain or road cycling.

My first topic in the series is a location along the Black Sea coast in South East Bulgaria — near and in the town of Sinemorets (also spelled Sinemoretz in some transcriptions, and of course spelled Синеморец in Bulgarian)

Sinemorets / Синеморец is located in Southeast Bulgaria near the border with Turkey — the town is an excellent gateway for both beaches and access to the river Veleka where you can go kayaking and observing plenty of interesting wild life.

View Sinemorets in a larger map  

Sinemorets Beach

As you can imagine – a very nice place to bike

Now, as you can imagine one of the key aspects of being in Sinemorets is to get some good biking under your belt.  So here are some photos to give you an idea what nice location the area is.


Beach near Sinemorets / Синеморец

Ready to enjoy the blue sea after a great mountain bike ride….

A quick note — there were also plenty of peope riding horses around….All in all a good place.

Another view

Yet another view of Sinemorets

There are a number of hotels you can find in the area.  No worries – the hotels we saw were nice.


Places to stay in Sinemorets....

Of course – you would like to know – where do I stay?

And there are also some very nice restaurants in the town — I would recommend restaurant Albatros, which was built like an old barbeque / grill.  It was nice place to sit and relax and the food was great!

Sinemorets restaurant

Not exactly a great sign, but oh well, the food was great

Well, this was a quick introduction — all in all the place is interesting, relatively remote thus lacking crowds — a VERY good thing 🙂  and one that will allow you to exercise to your heart’s content!



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