Another Good Destination Off the Beaten Track in Bulgaria – Also a Good Place for Relaxed Cycling

In my last posting I briefly described a place on the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria – Sinemorets.  In my next (this) posting I will cover another place of interest in Bulgaria — this one in the Strandzha mountains — in South East Bulgaria near the border with Turkey.  The place is actually also a living museum of old Bulgarian architecture.  The village is Brashlian Бръшлян located in the Strandzha mountain.

Since 1982 the village has been declared an architectural reserve — the houses are representative of the 18th century Bulgarian regional architecture.  While visiting you can also see an example of the early (18th century) school — essentially a single room school which was organized by the regiona clergy — essentially a church school.

Here are some photos to give you an idea of the natural beauty of the region.  Of course you can see a lot more from your mountain bike 

Window In Brashlian Picturesque Isn't it….
Brashlian  Brashlian description Enjoy the views
Old architecture of Brashlian Nice place to relax in Brashlian Another interesting aspect of Brashlian – its flowers

I even found some interesting video on YouTube about the village and one of its restaurants…  See it here:

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