Another new mountain bike location — in Bulgaria — in the Balkan mountains, near Maglizh and Kazanlak

In the spirit of constantly adding new places where we can enjoy mountain biking, here is another location also in Bulgaria.  Earlier (several months ago) I did a quick write up and published photos from Sinemoretz and now lets take a look at two little villages in Central Bulgaria in the foothills and in the mountains of the Balkan range.

I will start with the one which is further high up in the mountains — the village of Selce.  In Bulgarian it means little village — and it certainly is.  I could not even find it on Google Maps.  Selce is located about 16 km northwest of the village of Maglizh.  To find Maglizh itself you head out of Kazanlak or Stara Zagora and drive towards the Sofia – Burgas highway that passes below (South of) in the foothills of the Balkan range.  Once you are in Maglizh, keep going North exiting the village and start climbing a narrow paved road.    The altitude in Selce is 810 meters – so you get a bit milder weather — vs lets say the weather in near by Kazanlak. The permanent population is roughly 28 people — but I wonder how permanent that is — I would expect many are migratiing back and forth between the village and Stara Zagora or Kazanlak.

Az you get into Selce — keep going North and you will eventually hit some country dirt roads — you can see on the photos below – they are very nice for biking:

In the Balkan mountains Nice road for mountain biking – Selce, Bulgaria  Another mountain bike road Mountain biking near Selce – high gradient road

Nice scenary outside of Selce, Bulgaria You can enjoy biking and the nice surroundings  Roadside water fountain The water is freezing cold and great tasting – near Selce Bulgaria



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