Bicycling in Bulgaria – Explore Etara, Sokolski Manastir Area

Mountain Biking – Etara, Gabrovo, Near by Balkan mountains

Well folks I am sure you would like to get information on yet another beautiful site in Bulgaria where you can test your skills and physical endurance.  Which is this area / place?  Well it is on the north of the Balkan range (on the north side of the Shipka Mountain pass) and South of the town of Gabrovo.  The map below shows the location I am describing.  

By biking here you can have a great experience both where exercise is concerned as well as experiencing the history, art and culture of 18-19th century Bulgaria.   

Here is a set of images to give you an idea as to what you would experience.  First a quick view of the open air museum of Etara

Beautiful Architecture in Etara  Etara near Gabrovo

Here is a link to the official Web site of the Etara museum –  you can use it to to get a list of the various activities and exhibitions you can see while visiting.

Etara Crafts




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