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Why do you need to read and watch the bike reviews on this blog?  Well most likely because you want to buy a new bicycle.  What things do you have to consider (aside from the actual bike?  Here is a short list:

  • What type of rides do you plan to do.  On trails in the country side or on the paved road.  Both?  Well, which one will be the prevalent type — based on the answer you would select one of the links below;
  • You need to find a good bike shop.  From my personal experience and that of other family members and friends, going to the big department stores or even big chains of sports shops will most likely not do the trick — there you won’t find the necessary attention to detail and willingness to match the bike to you, swap components etc. as in the specialty bike shops
  • Do not fall prey to the “buy cheap” and “what a great deal” gimmicks — if it is too good to be true it probably is (as the saying goes); Brands like Huffy, Schwin, Roadmaster, Mongoose, etc are OK but only for casual rides to the mail box 🙂  or overall just short and casual rides;  The good bikes cost $$$ and their construction and components will handle well in various conditions;
  • Make sure you can take several test rides before you finalize your decision.  You will ride this bike for a number of years — so you better feel comfortable on it!



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