Bike Reviews – Gravel Bikes

Bike Reviews: Gravel Bikes

Gravel bikes are the latest trend in biking and biking equipment.  Gravel Bikes are primarily designed to be ridden on gravel and fire roads. Similar to cyclocross and mountain bikes, most of the time they have disc brakes, a high bottom bracket and relatively big tire clearance.

The geometry of the frame and the bike overall is one of the special aspects of these bicycles.  They tend to have a more relaxed geometry and longer wheel base (similar to the 29er bikes) for better comfort over longer distances and on uneven surfaces / cross country trails.  The bike head tube is taller and the top tube is sloping.

Here are a couple of photos of GT gravel bikes


The new trend is Gravel Bikes










Another view of a Gravel Bike

There are a number of brands that offer Gravel Bikes  to name a few – GT (as seen above on the pictures), Raleigh – specifically Raleigh Mustang Elite, Canyon Inflite AL, Salsa – Salsa Warbird, Genesis Croix de Fer Decade… I will start publishing summaries of those manufacturers so you can have the choice as usual.

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