Bike Reviews – Recumbent Bikes

Bike Reviews: Recumbent Bikes

These are bikes that position the rider in a reclined position.  The bicycles themselves are designed to deliver a more aerodynamic position for the rider and bike combined.  They are supposed to be also more comfortable as the normal position while using them is leveraging a much greater area of how the body weight is distributed.

The recumbent bikes come in multiple sizes and configurations – e.g. long vs short wheel base;  wheel sizes can vary as well;

The steering can be over-seat, under-seat and center.   Some of the recumbents are built specifically for comfort and easy commuting around town.  These bikes are seen as a viable alternative to many (fossil) fuel powered vehicles due to their relative comfort as well as actually pretty high speed.   Based on data I have seen so far on the web (I have not used one of these bikes) – the recumbent bicycles can achieve speed of over 80km/h — which is pretty awesome!

Take a look (and of course check out the individual bike manufacturers listings)

Recumbent bike   Recumbent Bike

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