International: Bulgaria Bike Trails

Bulgaria Bike Trails

Bulgaria bike trails are numerous and in all corners of the country.  Bulgaria has a large number of areas where one could enjoy great mountain bike and road bike rides.  There are several mountains

  • The Balkan Range
  • Pirin
  • Rila
  • Rhodopi

With each one o them offering tons of routes to explore.

Here are some notes from a recent trip to Bulgaria and a place for nice mountain bike rides in the Balkan Mountains (Range):

Location near the village of Maglizh

There are several potetial routes you could explore:

  • Koprivshtitsa-Starosel-Hisarya-Karlovo

  • Bansko-Belitsa-Bears-Bansko

  • ВарнаБалчик

  • Габрово Иванили

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