Bikes in Antwerp – Even at the Weekend Market

Antwerp is a city where bicycles are normal part of everyday commute as well as weekend outings.  Bike lanes are visibile everywhere in the city and so are stations for borrowing bikes — here is one just as an example of the convenience they offer (i.e. swipe your membership card, and off you go on two wheels)

Antwerp bike station   Bikes in Antwerp You can see on one of the main streets in the city there are tons of bikes parked – presumably the owners are in the near by caffees, restaurants, and shops.

But the more interesting thing I observed was on a Sunday morning. I stepped out of the hotel for a run through one of the near by parks.  Then at some point during the run I veered to some of the side streets and eventually ended up near the city stadium and in the middle of a hude street market.  There were tons of stalls selling cheese, clothing, live animals and birds, ….and of course! bicycles…. Take a look below:

Cheese at the market in Antwerp   Selling bikes at Antwerp's market

And mind you — there were a very large number (as you can tell from the photo above) of bikes available for sale.  You can also check out the earlier postings

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