How To – How to Select Mountain Bike Drivetrain – Crankset

How to Select Mountain Bike Drivetrain

This is a key decision that will stay with you as long as you own the bike – or almost as long unless you decide to replace the drivetrain – which is a time consuming decision in itself.

Therefore – you better decide well.  How do you accomplish that?  well, information, information, information.   You need to pick up as much understanding about the mountain bike drivetrain – crankset as possible.

High-range-of-gearsThere are three types to consider:

  • Three chain rings crankset
  • Double Crankset also noted as 2×10 in the bike specs
  • The Single – usually noted as 1×11


Here is the link to the posting on this blog that I had originally done as a stand-alone posting and now I think need to add to this library of HOW TO information

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