Biking Applications – Part 3 – Update

Here we are with the next installment of an application review.  The next application to discuss is RUNTASATIC Mountain bike.   The dashboard of the app is seen below

Runtastic mountain bike mountain bike  mountain bike map

As you can see it offers a bunch of functional readouts directly in the summary dashboard – the map of the ride, the time spent riding, the altitude, and most importantly – you can get a reading of the weather and temperature.  I find this rather useful — and runtastic is the only application so far that offers this capability.

Overall this application offers the following features: measurement of distance, duration, speed, pace. calories burned.  It does its measurement leveraging a GPS tracking capability, does offer support for multiple languages — and can be integrated with postings to email and social media sites.

The PRO version (vs the Lite version I tested) is downloadable for $4.99 from the iTunes store.  It allows you to play music while you are riding the bike – I may like that wink

Both the LITE and the PRO version allow you to export the summaries from your rides to the Runtastic web site and run analysis of your achievements.   The site works very well as well.

One small drawback – you cannot turn off the dashboard — a good option if you want to save some battery life.

Here are the links of the previous reviews

Enjoy your rides!



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