Biking Applications – Part 4

Well, this weekend I had the opportunity to review two applications.  The first one I wrote about in Part 3 of this set of posting.  The new one is MapMyRide.  It allows — like Runtastic — a good integration with the application's Web site.  Please see below the screen shots from the dashboard on my iPhone and on the Web site after logging in and selecting the same workout:

MapMyRide Application for iPhone iPhone View    Web Dashboard for MapMyRide  Web Dashboard view

The application is good.  I did not find any significant issues after a couple of rides.  By default the screen is set to go into screen saver – I wish the default is the opposite setting – but at the end — this is easy to change in the application settings.

So overall – it is a useful application – although I still think I prefer RUNTASTIC Mountain Bike 

Have to do some more evaluation I suppose to make the final decision.  So please stay tuned!


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