Biking in Berlin

Biking in Berlin – a nice experience

Last week I had the great experience of being in Berlin, Germany and taking advantage of the great biking and walking resources that great city offers.  Last time I spent any significant amount of time in Berlin was in 1989 and the Wall was still in place and so was the division between East and West Germany – you remember that…?

At any rate, I decided to provide a brief view of a good bike ride in the city – you will be really surprised at the interesting combination of trails in the Tiergarten and the bike lanes along Berlin’s tree lined streets.   I took the path from the Kempinski Bristol Hotel off Kurfurstendamm to the Brandenburg Gate – and it was a great experience.   Shown below is the map of that path – I put it in a image for ease of visibility


The blue line shows the path I took – Google Maps showed a different bike route but this one went though the gardens and was a very pleasant one


Included below are also some photos of the great bike paths along the roads in the Tiergarten.








The Tiergarten is an amazing park in the middle of the city – having built a tunnel for the transport under the park you can actually enjoy the huge grounds, many lakes and plentiful  flowering trees and bushes as well as occasional sculpture.   All in all, this park is a great asset for the city.

Overall, bike riding in Berlin is really very nice – the city is very flat so no significant effort is needed to make it thorough the town’s streets and get to various points of interest.  The city has many bike lanes and goes to the extreme of dedicated bike streets where the bicycles have priority and the cars are limited to 30 km/h speed.



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