Biking in the Sunset of Austin

Sometimes biking (whether on the road or mountain) is full of pleasant surprises.  That was my experience on the first Sunday of February 2015 — originally the weekend was supposed to be rainy and cold – and Saturday indeed was (to my disappointment) that way.  Too bad the weather forecast folks were right…!  But Sunday started in a promising way – by mid-day the sun was out and the temperature was pretty nice.  So around 3:30pm we decided to go for a ride in the neighborhood trails…

On the way back a couple of hours later – we were treated to a spectacular sunset – why do I say that?  Well, please see the photo gallery below and judge for yourself.

By the way, these photos were taken with an iPhone-5.   Just think if I had carried with me (which I never do 🙁 ) my DSLR camera…. Oh, well – one day I will do that as well.

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