Custom Built Bicycles – Fad or a Real Deal

Why would you want a custom bicycle — are the Custom Built Bicycles Fad or Real Deal?  These are the questions I have been asking myself over the last couple of years whenever I think about it.  As I get more into the biking experience — I started to also learn more about the craft of bicycle building as well as of the various materials, frames, forks and components used even on stock bikes.

So today, as I was adding more manufacturers to my database — you can get access to the information from it via the Bike Reviews section of this blog – and more specifically the Custom Built Bikes section, I thought to summarize my tjhoughts and my learnings about the topic.  So here we go:

What are the key things to consider if you are thinking about a custom built bicycle:   well those amount to three things:

  • Time — building a bike for you will take time…so you need to be patient;
  • Price (Cost to you) — in summary, things here do not come cheap, but many stock bike cost even more…
  • Fit and comfort — this is the best and most critical reason why you would consider the approach;

If you can afford it and alocate the time — these are custom built bikes – for you and you alone.  There are many and a growing number of custom bicycle builders — and those are certainly a part of a growing trend for having a bike that truly fits you….The next thing that I would (and I am sure many others will) ask is "…but what is the price tag…?"


Anderson Custom Bicycle   Alchemy Bicycles - Boreas  

Since most of us are NOT professional riders, I will spend a bit of time on the topic of the bike cost.  I bought my current (stock) bike in December 2010. Then my wife and I shopped for her bike earlier in the Fall of this year.  All in all during that time I saw the price tags of many of the road bikes (we bought mountain bikes this time around) in the pro-shop where we got our recent bikes.  Well, based on what I saw from many of the custom manufacturers via their Web pages / Web price lists and the prices I saw in the pro-shop, many of the stock bikes' prices have gone sky high!  

Given that discovery (mind you – not a big one – but nevertheless an eye opener for me) I would certainly consider the custom built ones in the future.

If you have experience with the topic, please drop me a line.  Would like to hear from you!


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