Evaluating Mountain Bike Rack Options for SUV

With the start of a New Year I think most of us jump head first into resolutions on how to get more exercise and outdoor activities in our life.  The intent is for more hiking trips, more gym memberships and training sessions, skiing trips for those who live close to or can visit often the ski slopes…..and on and on.  For us, the mountain biking enthusiasts – the same holds true.  Now is the time to tune up (if you have not done so already) your favorite bike, make sure it operation is as smooth as possible and make the plans to hit the trails.  

If you are wondering where those trails may be in your target geographic area, do not hesitate and proceed to the Bike Trails section on this blog.

Once you have decided where to go, you will need to figure out the option for how to transport your and potentially your family's bikes.  This is where I am now.  Need to figure out a new solution for my bikes given the SUV we have.  

Over the years I have used bike racks that are rear door or trunk mounted – using straps and the weight of the bikes as a way to secure the system.  Those racks are low cost BUT are not an option for many bikes –  I finally hit that problem with our 29ers.  The frames – especially that of my wife's bike, does not allow to use those racks.

On my previous vehicle (a station wagon) I had gone with the Thule roof rack – which was able to handle up to four bikes, but now with the SUV, that option went out as the vehicle is too tall which makes it very difficult to put bikes on the roof.   So now I had to search for new options.

There are a couple of those it appears:

  • rear mounted bicycle carrier that is specific to BMW and attaches to the towing eyelets on the rear bumper.  Here is an image of what I found on the web — still have to talk with the dealer on what options they can offer

rear mounted bike rack      

  • The second option I am considering is the hitch mounted Thule bike rack — shown in the Amazon box above.  This is more versatile from standpoint of being reusable to multiple vehicles with a hitch and also being able to expand to 4-bike carrying option

Well, I will be checking these two options out in the next few days and will report on the results as soon as possible.

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