Mounting Options for Bike Computers

We are all excited users of various types of bicycle computers — and of course with those devices come the need for Mounting Options for Bike Computers.  Why?  Because most of the regular mounting options are either too weak or not even adequate for use over long period of time.  So enter the specialized / after maket tools. 

Just recenlty I came across the K-Edge Garmin Computer Mount which is being promoted as a very sturdy and useful option for mounting a number of devices – namely the Edge200, Edge500, Edge800;  So I decided to check it out and research if I need to invest in a new mounting option for my bike computer. 

Checking out Garmin –  I saw this YouTube video which actually cleared up the mistery that was troubling me.  When I first saw the braket (mount) and how it was used with the Garmin computer I was concerned quite a bit about the likelyhood of the computer not surviving more than 2 serious mountain bike rides… Why?  because of the way the braket works it situates the computer ahead of the handlebars — i.e. directly in the path of obstacles or any objects that the bike may hit during a fall for example. 

But then  I saw the video — below — and realized that this bracket must be provisioned for road bikes.  No wonder even the video itself is stressing the use of the device in a road bike.  No worries about hitting anything, right? 

      Bike Mount

Well you judge for yourselft.   I personally still think that the better way to mount anything on the bike is by leveraging a mounting bracked attached to the stem of the handlebars.  This makes for a nice sturdy connection as well as keeps the device behind the handlebars and behind obstables that may hit it.

You can take a look at my blog entry on one option — the Delta Smartphone Caddy…Smartphone Caddy

Having said all this, I must admit now I see also statements on various sites that the K-Edge is also used with moutain bikes, but my recommendation will be to go for a stem mounted holder.  Period.





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