Shimano Camera – a New Camera – Trying to Steal the Leading Spot from GoPro

I like my GoPro camera!  I like it a lot!  It comes with me on bike rides and (no matter how rare) goes with me in the water snorkeling or otherwise exploring interesting to see places….I got my first GoPro camera in 2012 and soon after that added this entry on the blog…and since then I have used it well.  

But now there is a new contender for the primo spot of the lightweight compact ease to use sports cameras — NO, I am not talking about a Sony camera, but about Shimano!  Would you have imagined??? I did not expect it – but yes – Shimano has a new camera

Shimano POV camera    

The camera has some great characteristics that caught my attention quickly:

  • waterproof operation down to 10-meters of water 
  • ability to interface with your Android or IOS device !  For both playback and controls 
  • 2-hours battery life — that is one aspect of the GoPro camera I have which is not something I find satisfactory – a very short battery life.  The 2 hours of the Shimano one appear better.

So overall this camera is not a bad choice for those of you who have not decided on one yet.

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