Product Review: iBiker – for Outdoor & Indoor Biking (with Heart Rate Monitor) – Another iPhone App to Have

In the previous few weeks I provided a review of the Cycle Tracker Application for Biking.  That application worked fine, but I decided to check out as many as possible and decide what will be my optimal choice.  So I started the quest…

The next one to test (after the Cycle Tracker) is the iBiker.  The application is intended for users with iPhone devices where they could leverage the GPS function and get pretty interesting functions — as seen below — covered by the application.  Here we go with the functions:

iBiker Software Views
iBiker Main Application Dashboard Summary of the cycling run Map of the Output Speed Pane

As you can see the application provides some very interesting views.  Included are also a health view where you can record your heart rate, etc.  All in all easy to use and convenient application.  I would recommend it