Texas Bike Trails in April – Continued

Last weekend I posted a bunch of photos from the great trails in Texas – if you like mountain biking, the spring in and around Austin, Texas is a great time to experience nature from the bike seat… You get to see great colors, may be even encounter some wild life on the trails.

This April has been wet – tons of rains in the area – resulted in greenery everywhere and of course tons of wild flowers.

As a result of the rains, the local creeks are also running wild – so you may need to be careful on some of the trails.  Lucky for me – by this Saturday the trails along Barton Creek (photos below) were almost dry with only some areas that were still under water – but easy to bike through on your bike.

I think the photos speak for themselves – April is a great time to go out and ride the trails.

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Texas Mountain Bike Trails in April


This gallery contains 6 photos.

This winter and spring have both been fairly unpredictable and actually not cold.  As a result both the trails and the actual biking conditions have been rather pleasant if not a bit muddy. Yesterday, we had the opportunity to hit … Continue reading

McKinney Falls State Park Bike Trail

Last Sunday experienced the bike trails of the next of the Texas state parks….McKinney Falls State Park and its Bike Trails.

Here is a link to the write up I already posted in the trails database

The park is located in South east Austin near the airport and is very easily accessible via any vehicle.  Once you are there you can enjoy both a very easy bike trail (paved one) and a slightly more exciting one that goes through some nicely wooded areas in the park.

Here is a link to the offical video for the park as well:

The park offers not only a good place for biking but also a nice set of views – take a look at the gallery below:

Overall this trail is really relatively easy – most of the two trails (Onion Creek and Homestead) are relativel flat with some minor climbs (on Onion Creek) and a few places of steep downhills or climbs and roots on the single track.   You may have trouble finding the place to get to the Homestead trail track.  The trick is to go low down the Falls near by the larger / higher waterfall and find a way to cross on foot.   Just go ahead and try it – you will enjoy it.

Pedernales Falls State Park Trails – Bike Trails

Last weekend we decided to test the bikes on another of the Central Texas Hill Country trails — the Pedernales Falls State Park trails and more specifically the Wolf Mountain Trail

The park is located West of Austin on the way to Johnson City in the Hill Country. If you are traveling from Austin, take 71 West towards Lakeway but do not turn on 620 but stay on 71 for another set of lights and on those next set of lights you will encounter Hamilton Pool road on your left — take Hamilton Pool road to Ranch Road 12 where you will turn left on 12 and then look for FM 3232 which you will turn right on and head North for 6 miles.

The park is accessible by paved road — at the range station you will have the option to pay $5 per person or what I consider as a better deal – buy an annual state park pass for $70 which is good for the whole car. 

At the ranger station you will find also maps. 

We decided to do one of the biking trails – the 7.5mile Wolf Mountain Trail — the map of our ride is visible in the gallery here:

Also you may want to check out the video from the State park — here it is:

There are plenty of parking areas in the park — nothing to worry on that,  Just make sure you ask in the park ranger station where is the best place to park on that day for a given trail you want to ride on. 

Enjoy your biking and make sure you have plenty of water with you!