Texas Mountain Bike Trails in April

This winter and spring have both been fairly unpredictable and actually not cold.  As a result both the trails and the actual biking conditions have been rather pleasant if not a bit muddy.

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to hit the Barton Creek trails and enjoy a combination of cool weather, great trails (soft and only slightly muddy) and wild flowers on the trails.

Argus-Health-ApplicationI was able to also test the Mountain Bike application of Argus – health monitoring, exercise counting iPhone application.  I have been using it to keep track of my daily walking statistics but now I also decided to use it as a exercise monitoring app.   Here is the output of the Saturday afternoon ride:  a long ride of 1-hour 21 minutes — not bad for me…

Also a useful application given that you do not have to switch between several..

Now, I wish the output of this application would feed into the statistics applications on the iPhone…but that is may be too much to ask from “free app” point of view

The trails as I said were covered in new wild flowers – please take a look for yourself:


Bike-Trail-Wild-Flowers Bike-Trail-Wild-Flower Bike-Trail-Wild-Flowers-Texas

Texas-Bike-Trail-discoveriesThe combination of great exercise and the discovery of beautiful vistas – that is what Texas mountain biking is all about…



And then there was the discovery of the ant hill – the small ant city which looked very extraterrestrial even though it was on the same bike trail with the flowers you see above…Go figure.  Texas can surprise you indeed



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