Trek X-Caliber – 30-day Review

Well folks, earlier in July (right after the 4th) I came across a great deal on a Trek X-Caliber mountain / cross-country bike.  As I mentioned in an earlier article – when I test rode the bike, I was not looking yet for a new bike, but when I saw the price tag (US$1100) of this model – yes, it is the 2014 model and not the 2015 one — but, hey, who really pays attention to that wink I decided to jump.

In other words – my Specialized Rockhopper Comp SL 29er was traded in for the shiny new Trek X-Caliber 29er hardtail bike.  

Trek X-Caliber  X-Caliber 29er 

Trek X-Caliber Bontrager wheel Bontrager 29-inch wheels; Avid Elixir Avid Elixir 1 hydraulic disc brakes

Trek shock remote Remote shocklock mechanism 

Overall this bike appears to offer a lot of value.  I like the light and aggressive G2 Geometry frame — per Trek it provides for great maneuverability even at low speeds and is to be very agile.  Well… I agree.  The bike appears much faste than my previous Specialized bike.

The remote shock lockout mechanism combined with the actual RockShox REBA fork – which has a very good 100mm travel offers very good efficiency of pedaling.  You could be on a rough surface – then you hit the smooth patch – click the remote lockout and you immediately increase your pedalling strength….

The 10-gear cassette combined with the 3-ring crank-set provide for good pedaling efficiency as well good selection of speeds and strain on you – the rider.

Overall, this bike also offers a very light assembly – I must stress – my experience from the first 4-5 rides on both road and cross-country trails, has been nothing by excellent.  

I will continue to report on the bike over the next few weeks.

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