Zion – Biking in Utah

Zion – Biking Opportunity in Utah

For those of you who may be planning an interesting holiday trip and would like to experience on of the spectacular national parks to its raw fullest, and if you can handle the cold of winter, then you should consider a holiday trip (during the Christmas vacations) to Utah and the Zion National Park specifically.

Will it be cold ?   YES!!!

Will you have the park almost to yourself?  YES!!!

Will you have fun even if you do not get a chance to bike for long?  YES!

You can take a look at some snapshots from a trip we took to the park on a previous Christmas and decide for yourself.  We visited on Christmas day and were almost alone in the park…Yes, it was cold, did I mention that?


Take a look at the beauty and and think of the miles and miles of road bike you can pedal here?

Or imagine going along the bike trails… Here are some additional links to leverage…


And then there are always more photos – I have said it many times and will repeat it here again – use photos to guide you – visual guidance is great, leverage it when you can.


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